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To Present Your Business
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The afternoon of September 25, 2014 will be devoted to a series of presentations by companies selected by the screening committee. If you are interested in presenting your business at the 2014 Great Plains Capital Conference, please submit an Investment Presentation (PowerPoint Format) and Executive Summary by August 15, 2014.

How to Apply

Submit your Executive Summary and Investment Presentation by e-mail attachment to our e-mail address at

Companies will be screened and selected by the screening committee based on the quality and experience of the management team, the proprietary nature of their products or services, market opportunity, and financials. Deadline to submit Executive Summaries is August 15, 2014. Selected companies will be responsible for a short presentation on the day of the conference. Presenters will receive guidelines and direction to ensure a professional presentation. An opportunity for potential investors to have individual meetings with the presenting companies will be provided. Selected companies will be required to pay a $500 presentation fee.

Presentation Benefits Include:

  • 12-min. presentation slot
  • Complimentary passes for
    2 company executives
  • Company profile published in event guide
    and marketing materials
  • Introductions to potential investors, potential
    customers and strategic partners

Fee to Present - $500 per selected company
Application Deadline - August 15, 2014

Past presenters

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Executive Summary / INVESTMENT PRESENTATION Guidelines

  • Executive Summary - Maximum of five pages including any tables, graphs, photos and financial projections
  • Investment Presentation - PowerPoint format, 15 - 20 Slides
  • Cover page listing the following: Company Name, Contact Person, Address, Telephone & Fax Numbers, and E-Mail Address. Cover page is NOT counted in the five-page limit.

The following criteria weights for selecting the presenting companies indicate what emphasis investors place on various parts of the Executive Summary. The summary should highlight the most important points of your business that will convince potential investors your venture will succeed.

The Company (10% Weight)

  • Define business purpose.
  • Provide summary of your company’s history and current status, publicly or privately held.
  • State overall corporate strategy and objectives (i.e., to go public, to command a certain market share or reach a given level of sales in an established time frame, etc.)

The Products and Services (20% Weight)

  • Describe important features and benefits, relate to market needs and to competition.
  • Describe existing products and status of new projects (release dates, expected product life, and potential revenues, etc.)
  • Discuss pricing and margins for both your products and competitor’s products.
  • Explain proprietary position-trademarks, patents, trade secrets, special production skills, process, etc.
  • Articulate any relevant regulatory or environmental issues.

The Market & Marketing Strategy (30% Weight)

  • Market analysis - size, anticipated growth, key changes, trends, etc.
  • Market strategy - How are you going to reach the market? What are your channels and costs of distribution, promotion, pricing, etc?
  • Product/Service - What makes you different? What gives you a special advantage?
  • Evaluate competition - Who are they? How much of the market do they control? What are their advantages/disadvantages?
  • Discuss the issues or circumstances that “drive” or create the market - What compels people to buy?

Management (30% Weight)

  • Include brief backgrounds of key individuals, why they add value to the company, their past successes and achievements, etc.
  • History of working together as a team.
  • Identification of immediate and future personnel needs and initial organizational structure.

Financial Summary (10% Weight)

  • Provide revenues, income and expenses projected over 3-5 year period. Justify your financial assumptions. Include any past financial history.
  • Define funding requirements - How much is needed at each stage of development within the next five years.
    Describe history of previous investments.
  • Indicate an exit strategy (i.e., mergers, acquisition, or initial public offerings). Compare with similar businesses and their results.

Submission Information

The Executive Summary and Investment Presentation must be submitted by e-mail attachment to our e-mail address at Elements that must be included are company information, products and services, market & market strategy, management, and a financial summary.
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